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2004 Hydrogen Forecast Advertising Program

Corland Publishing offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to build a presence in the hydrogen market. Banner ad placement provides direct visibility to Hydrogen Forecast’s readership, and drives traffic to an advertiser’s website, helping educate and inform the hydrogen economy target market about key products and services.

Ad Types

Advertisers can choose from a variety of different ad slots, and several different ad configurations. The two most common configurations include:

Masthead banner ad: Placed at the top of the page, this 468x60 pixel ad can be configured using JPG, GIF or Flash formats for maximum visibility and impact.

Vertical ad: These ads appear on the side of each page on the Hydrogen Forecast website. At 160x600 pixels, they offer a superior footprint for more complex animations and messages. Advertisers can use JPG, GIF or Flash formats.

Ad Position

Hydrogen Forecast offers several different placement schemes, each with its own benefits in terms of visibility and message position. Different slot configurations include:

Front Page: Advertisers get the most traffic and highest visibility on the front page.

Department Page: Advertisers can choose to focus on particular target audiences by choosing an individual department to place their message.

News Briefs Page: Advertisers see high visibility and high repeat usage with an advertisement on this page.

Wire Reports Page: Ads on wire reports allow companies to gain visibility during key marketing and media push programs.

Feature Article Page: Advertisers see high, short-run visibility with a lower cost by targeting feature articles.

Rotation & Exclusivity

All ad slots place new ads for an individual slot based on each page load. This means each user will see a new ad each time they access or return to a page.

Corland Publishing offers exclusive “time runs” for each ad position highlighted above. Advertisers can block out a specific position in increments of 30 days, anchoring their ad in a specific slot during that time period.

Sponsorship Programs

Corland Publishing also offers customized sponsorship programs for advertisers who need to extend a more comprehensive and complex message to Hydrogen Forecast’s readership including online content and hyperlinks from sidebars, menus and other areas throughout the site.

Traffic and Reporting

Hydrogen Forecast provides advertisers with monthly traffic reports, including number of page views for their ad, and the number of clickthroughs to their website. Overall demographic reports on number of registered readers and their segments are provided to advertisers on an annual basis.

For information on pricing for online ads in Hydrogen Forecast, please send an email to ads@hydrogenforecast.com.

If you are prepping an ad, and need confirmation on specifications, please send an email to rob.cleveland@iconicweb.com for details.


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