Fuel cells generate power for homes in Japan
Developers say fuel cells for homes produce one-third less of the pollution that causes global warming than conventional electricity generation does. > more

SeaWorld Test Drives New Eco-Friendly Bus
SeaWorld is testing out a new, eco-friendly shuttle bus.  > more

Eden Energy To Install and Supply India’s First Public Hydrogen Fueling Station
Eden Energy Ltd., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Hythane Company LLC, has been selected by IndianOil Corporation to install and supply the first public hydrogen fueling station in India.  > more

Nanoptek reels in venture funding
Nanoptek Corporation, which produces hydrogen directly from water using sunlight and its proprietary photocatalyst, announces it has closed a $4.7 million in venture capital funding.  > more

Nissan, Renault check out A123 Batteries
Nissan, Renault look into A123 batteries for EV programs.  > more

Mazda Joins Norway Hydrogen Effort
Mazda and HyNor (Hydrogen Road of Norway) have announced they will collaborate in a Norwegian National Hydrogen project. The project will look at the development of hydrogen fuel and hydrogen vehicles. > more

Toyota Says New Fuel-cell Car Can Go Further on Single Tank
Toyota Motor Corp. said new hydrogen powered fuel-cell car is 25 percent more fuel efficient than earlier versions > more

Hyundai to start fuel cell car output from 2012
Hyundai Motor Co plans to begin mass production of its fuel cell car model from 2012 > more

Fuel Cells Without Platinum? Japan Company Says Yes
Japan's Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd said it has developed a technology to make fuel cells without platinum, the precious metal used in the electrolyte process in existing hydrogen-based fuel cells.  > more

Discovery: Burning Salt Water to Release Hydrogen
An Erie cancer researcher has found a way to burn salt water, a novel invention that is being touted by one chemist as the "most remarkable" water science discovery in a century. > more

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fuel cell technology
Virgin adds 6 GM hydrogen SUVs to transport fleet
by Scott Anderson

Richard Branson’s upscale airline Virgin Atlantic Airways will use six General Motors hydrogen fuel cell Equinoxes in place of limousines to transport VIP travelers to and from airports in New York and Los Angeles. The airline is now looking at ways to create biodiesel from algae.


supplier features
eTec builds a hydrogen fueled Chevy Silverado
by Sam Abuelsamid
eTec hydrogen Chevy Silverado

Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec) and Roush Industries have completed a conversion of a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck to run on hydrogen. The hydrogen internal combustion truck will be used by the Center for Hydrogen Research for field testing and demonstration work.


oem news
Hyundai's i-Blue fuel cell concept makes North American Debut in Chicago
by Sam Abuelsamid

Hydrogen Forecast spoke with Hyundai's Todd Suckow at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show about the Korean carmaker's fuel cell efforts and the i-Blue concept that had its North American debut here.


fuel cell technology
H2Go Hydrogen RC car honored at German toy show
by Editorial Staff
The H2Go

H2Go - a hydrogen powered remote-controled developed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and marketed by hobbyist company Corgi International - receives high praise at the 2008 ToyAwards in Germany.The H2Go will make a US appearance at the New York Toy Fair Feb. 17-20. The model will be available for purchase in September 2008 for $99.99, which was the same price as the previous generation H-Racer, also designed by Horizon.


executive view
GM's Burns: the 'exciting race' to harness hydrogen
by Sam Abuelsamid
Larry Burns, head of R&D at GM

In the second part of a conversation with Larry Burns, GM's vice president of research & development and strategic planning says GM engineers modeled their fifth-generation stack technology within the architecture of the Honda Clarity. As a result, Burns is very confident GM's new stack and electronics compare very well to Honda's.(more)

oem news
Chrysler unveils ecoVoyager fuel cell range extended EV concept
by Sam Abuelsamid
Chrysler ecoVoyager concept

Chrysler revealed a new hydrogen fuel cell range extended electric vehicle concept called the ecoVoyager at the North American International Auto Show today. The four seat single box design features a new power-train configuration for Chrylser.(more)

fuel cell technology
Burns: Why GM Picked Cadillac for Fuel Cell Provoq
by Sam Abuelsamid
Larry Burns

On the way to Consumer Electronics show for the launch of the Cadillac Provoq concept, Hydrogen Forecast had the opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion with Larry Burns, vice president of R&D for GM(more)

GM updates Fuel Cell E-Flex platform for Cadillac Provoq concept
by Sam Abuelsamid
Cadillac Provoq E-Flex Fuel Cell concept

General Motors will display the third different vehicle design based on its E-Flex powertrain architecture at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. The new Cadillac Provoq is mid-sized crossover utility vehicle built on a fuel-cell powered variant of E-Flex.(more)

oem news
Cadillac introduces Provoq Fuel Cell Concept with advanced aerodynamics
by Sam Abuelsamid
2008 Cadillac Provoq Concept

The Cadillac Provoq concept is debuting at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show as a luxury crossover built on a fuel cell powered version of GM's E-Flex architecture. The Provoq concept has already incorporated aerodynamic lessons learned in production development of the Chevrolet Volt. (more)

US House of Representatives passes energy bill, Senate filibusters
by Sam Abuelsamid
US Capitol Building

The House of Representatives has passed an energy bill that could bring the first increase in fuel economy standards since the mid 1980s. It's still unclear if this bill will become law.(more)

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